What are the advantages and disadvantages of an electric scooter?

The electric scooter is a perfect way to easily commute short distances in busy urban environments. It really depends on where you live - the perfect city for an electric scooter purchase would have short winter seasons, good street conditions and bike lanes.

Anyway, range is one of the most important metrics to consider, if you have to travel more than 5–8 km to your destination, maybe you should consider another vehicle for commuting.

Here is a list with advantages and disadvantages of an electric scooter:


  • Fast commuting - you can easily avoid traffic jams, and with 15–25 km/h speeds a scooter can cover short distances in minutes.
  • Price - electric scooters are cheap compared to other electric vehicles and the cost per km is really low.
  • Green - being electrically powered there are no CO2 emissions.
  • Practical - both lightweight and portable (some scooters are also fold-able), a scooter doesn’t take much space and can get you going within seconds
  • Convenient - scooters can be parked both indoors and outdoors, and can be charged anywhere.


  • Short battery life - depending on the battery provider, the scooter battery should be replaced after every 400–1000 charges.
  • Dangerous - electric scooters can go pretty fast, yet they have small wheels and the smallest bump or bad terrain can cause an accident. Wearing protective gear is highly advised.
  • Regulations - there is uncertainty whether or not you can ride your scooter on the road, and in some cities the places where you can do this are limited.

We offer a wide range of electric scooters and in case you have decided buying one our customer support will answer any model-specific questions you might have.

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