Why is it important to extra protect your skin during the hot summer days?

We all love the sun rays! ☀️ However, it is very important to know how to protect ourselves from them, as it is well known that excessive exposure to UV rays can lead to a number of health problems, which mainly affect our skin.

How to prepare our skin for the sun?

In order to keep your skin young and to stimulate healthy tanning in the summer, you need to prepare your skin for the sun. Preparation includes several stages: it gradually increases with exposure to the sun. You can start with 15 minutes of exposure to the sun during the first day and increase gradually every day. This will make your skin tan gradually, avoiding annoying burns and peeling. The skin should be additionally hydrated with after-sun lotions or natural oils. Check out our After Sun Lotions section 🧴

How to use the right products?

Proper use of sunscreen products requires a layer of the product to be applied to the skin every 2 hours and after each exposure to the sun. Apply the products with circular movements from the lowest part of the body - from the foot to the head. In addition, the product will absorb well, the blood circulation will be stimulated.

Avoid exposure to the sun in the period from 11 am to 4 pm during the summer. During the rest of the time, sunscreen products should be used with as much of a factor as possible.

At what age is the skin most susceptible to the harmful effects of the sun?

The skin of children is more sensitive than that of adults. And the fact that they often play outside exposes them to 3 times bigger solar radiation than adults. That is why it is good to protect your child with sunscreen with a factor of at least 15 every time you go outside. Check out the best sun protection products for kids

How to choose the most suitable sunscreen product?

In order to choose the most suitable sunscreen product, you must first determine your skin type. Scientists classify 6 phototypes, according to skin color:

Type 1: very white skin, light eyes, red or red skin - People of this type are severely intimidated by sunburn, as the skin turns red but does not gain any tan.

Type 2: light skin, red, red or light brown skin, green or brown eyes - People of this type are intimidated by burns, but acquire a light tan.

Type 3: "medium" skin, brown or dark skin, brown eyes. - People of this type blacken evenly and progressively.

Type 4: matte skin, brown or black skin, brown or black eyes - People of this type most easily achieve the desired bronze complexion and rarely burn.

Type 5: dark skin, black eyes, and skin - People of this type accumulate a strong tan resembling the color of dark chocolate.

Type 6: black skin, eyes, and skin - The skin is permanently colored and not
accumulates additional tan.

For phototypes 5 and 6, the students recommend a low protection factor, as the skin has a developed absorption of the sun's rays, that is, under 6 factors /.

During this season, the lips also become dehydrated, crack, and lose volume. This can be restored by applying a filler of hyaluronic acid, the lips become more sensitive

We advise you to take extra care for your face during the hot summer days. 

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